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Our Misson

We believe that a business's online presence is more important than a business's physical presence. We believe this so strongly that we want to be able to make it affordable for all businesses no matter their size! That is why we offer extremely competitive pricing and don't lock you into monthly contracts unless you want to. We don't sell you on fluff and that only we know how to do it. We tell you how to do it and then sell you only what you need. We won't ever price gouge you because your business makes more money. We post our prices right here on our website.

Our main goal is to help as many business owners take control of their online presence that we can.

Our Story

When you have been doing internet marketing for over 10 years now, you start to learn what has worked, what works, and what will work in the future.

I started to make money off of the web back in 2007 all because I was fascinated by how you could change your MySpace page with just a little bit of code. For those of you who don't know what MySpace is, it was the largest social media platform before Facebook took over the market. I was so excited and intrigued by this little bit of code that I would figure out how to do it myself. I succeeded. I was actually so successful I was selling some of my pre-made page layouts to websites that offered them for "free", but you really paid them with the ads all over their sites.

Then I learned how about a very neat open source website management system called WordPress that would let me host my own websites and try to make money off of them myself. I still use WordPress to this day! Once I figured out how to make a website, I realized right away that I needed traffic. I thought long and hard whether I should run ads, or try to learn how to work the search engines to have my website ranked at the top. I chose the route of getting my pages ranked in Google as it would pay off more long term. Back in this time, it was super easy to just spam the web to have your website ranked on the first page. I had multiple websites up earning a boatload of cash for a teenager.

Then in 2011, the unthinkable happened, Google changed their algorithm with the Panda update and my websites tanked. I used only these spammy ways of getting ranked and this is exactly why they changed the way they rank websites. They were on to all the people like me abusing the system.

Google has had many more changes and updates to their algorithm since then. Paid advertising now takes up as much as half of the first page. Although, some keywords now rank local businesses in "map pack" for people that are near you and searching around for someone to do business with.

This is where we are today. Since my fatal crash in 2011, I picked things back up in 2012 and started offering my web design services which has evolved into the digital marketing beast that we are now. I have refused to stop learning and developing in the ever-changing world of selling things online.

Ready to Get Started?

Before you get started, we'd like to have a quick meeting to discuss your short and long term goals for your business and how we can help you achieve them! Click or tap on the button below to sign up for a free marketing evaluation of your business.
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