What is Local SEO?

SEO isn't the future, it's the present. Anyone not doing it is already behind!



The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, Local SEO is really just Local Search Engine Optimization.

Local SEO is different from regular SEO because it has the covenant Map Pack to rank inside of. If your business ranks in the map pack, Google displays your name, reviews, and an easy way for them to call you or get directions to your location.

What does Local SEO actually do for your business? Well, to begin it provides potential or returning customers the easiest way possible to find you online while they are looking for a certain type of business. It is bringing your business to the top of Google and other popular search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. What will these customers be searching for? All types of things. They could already know your name, and are looking you up to find your phone number or hours of operations. They could also be looking for a specific type of business that your business fits such as "Car Dealership" or "Apartments" or maybe even "Bakery" and just need a name and place to go to. Or, they could be searching for services you offer like "iPhone repair" or "profession cleaning" or maybe even "legal services" and come across your Google Places page and website that way. The number of ways someone could search Google or other search engines to find you are countless. This is why you need SEO, to get these hundreds of super targeted searches sent towards your business per month.


Rout's Review Shield pairs well with Local SEO

Google now uses reviews as a factor in ranking businesses in the Map Pack.

Want to dominate your market by having the most 4-5 star reviews? 

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The Necessities for ranking in the Covenant Map Pack

Before offering Rout's Local SEO Citations, we developed a highly targeted, proven method of ranking businesses in the Map Packs. Where most other Local SEO services fail, or aren't very transparent, we excel! All of our decisions come from extensive data-backed research from crawling thousands of Google My Business Pages and 4 years of campaigns. 


Citations Are #1

Citations are places on the web that your business is listed on such as Facebook, Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, ect.

It is very important to have all of them be consistent with the same information. The information that is the most important is your NAP. That stands for Name, Address, Phone. A link to your website is also important, but is not available on all directory listings.

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Reviews are #2

Google has admitted that their algorithm uses reviews as a key ranking factor. Having a 4-5 star rating is key in persuading new customers to shop with you. Google and potential customers like to see a large number of reviews and recent reviews. We have an easy and affordable solution to getting more reviews from your customers. Get 15% off your total purchase when you get two or more monthly services, so you can't miss out! 

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Social Signals are #3

Social Signals are another big factor in ranking in the Google Map Pack. When you make a post on Facebook, someone retweets your business's tweet, or even a simple check-in on Facebook all count as social signals. The more signals you business gets, the better you will rank. We have multiple ways to help out with this and you can read more about them by clicking the button. 

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Rout's Local SEO Citations

Full Citation Audit

We do a full citation audit with all of our packages! Our citation audits are full in depth. We go out and find all of the places your business has a citation listed. This allows us to not create duplicate citations, but most importantly, it allows us to check and make sure that all of your citations are optimized and filled out completely accurate. 


Citation Corrections

It is extremely important to have consistent information is your citations. If your business has ever changed addresses, phone numbers, or maybe you even put in "Best Lawn Care, LLC" on one place and "The Best Lawn Care, LLC" on a different site, then you have an incorrect citation and it is harming your rankings. We have a special package that is only available by quote after you purchase one of our other packages and get your full citation audit. 

Local Citation Building

We build the highest quality citations for your business. We make sure not to only get the big name citations out there, but also many industry specific ones. Our highly quality submissions include "geo-tagged" photos and whatever else we are allowed to put on that citation site to makeit look more powerful and naturally occurring. We don't half-ass it like most other Local SEO providers.

Social and Rich Media

The geo-tagged photos we described earlier can be submitted to more than just directory sites. We also have the ability to create geo-tagged videos and share them across all social and media websites to help you get more of a social presence. Without a social presence, Google will think that your business is not active enough to win the Map Pack ranking. 

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